DPT-FXPinoy EA/Forex Robot
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DPT-FXPinoy EA/Forex Robot

DPT-FXPinoy EA/Forex Robot

Website http://www.dpt-fxpinoy.blogspot.com/
Price175 USD

Description / Features

DPT-FXPinoy EA/Forex Robot Rating: 967 DPT-FXPinoy is an EA/Forex Robot programmed to generate almost a 100% winning trades on real live trading account most of the time and the most effective and helpful tool for trading Forex. Some of the advantages of DPT-FXPinoy from other EA aside from almost a 100% winning trades: #1) It can trade on any trading instruments (Forex, metals, commodities, gas and oil, indices, CFD`s, etc.); #2) You can use the EA on any MT4 Forex broker of your choice, 4 or 5 digits broker; #3) Low minimum fund of $10 only or $1000 cents on Cent account or $100 on Standard account; #4) No need to closed all open positions during weekends, news events and high volatility of the market as we have safety net in EA to counter the trend; #5) It can open more than 100 trades a day (any JPY pairs only) and closed them all in profit; #6) We have a Trading Plan that includes the 4 recommended settings, hedging techniques, money management and risk reduction management strategy included in users manual, and; #7) You have the option to operate it on 100% autopilot or an option to trade together with EA by opening and closing of profit manually and it means you have full control on how the EA will trade for you as it is flexible and user-friendly.

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