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Forex Glossary

Traders, especially beginners, may not know or understand some Forex terms, so we provide our users with a list of specialized terms with their definitions.

Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)

is oil-producing company which develops reserves in western area of Kazakhstan. Oil is transported by means of pipeline to the shores of the Black Sea for further transportation to Europe.

Central Bank of the Russian Federation

is the primary bank of Russia, its main issuing monetary body. Together with the government, it develops and implements the monetary policy. The bank has broad powers. In particular, it is accredited to issue the national currency and regulate commercial banks. The central bank of the Russian Federation coordinates and regulates Russia’s entire credit system. It acts as economic regulator. The bank supervises lending institutions, grants and withdraws banking licences. The headquarters of the bank are in Moscow.

Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)

is the US options exchange located in Chicago. More than 2,200 companies 22 market indices and 140 market indices funds with the overall trade turnover of 1 billion contracts are listed in it.


physical or legal party executing operations with the company

Client log file

file, created by the client terminal, which records all requests and orders sent from the client to a dealer with 1 second accuracy

Client terminal

MetaTrader 4 or 5 software product that lets the client get information about financial market trades in real time mode (volume defined by the company), perform technical analysis of markets, operate, set/change/cancel orders and receive messages from the dealer and the company as well

Close position

is a fixation of profits or losses on an open position; removal of a pending order.

Closed transaction

consists of two opposite trading operations of equal volume (the position opening and closing): buying followed by selling or selling followed by buying

COMEX (Commodity Exchange)

is a leading exchange market of valuable metals, department of New York commodity market. Futures contracts are concluded for any month, including the current month. Schedules for trading sessions of every futures contract are individual, but in overall the instruments are trading from Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 13:30. Electronic trading session is hold daily from Sunday to Friday from 6:00 till 17:15.


is a German group of banking companies established in 1870. The headquarters of Commerzbank are located in Frankfurt am Main. Total assets of Commerzbank are about 600 billion euros. Its staff are 360,000 people, and the number of customers amounts to 8 billion in more than 40 countries. It is Germany's second-largest bank by assets.

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