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Forex Glossary

Traders, especially beginners, may not know or understand some Forex terms, so we provide our users with a list of specialized terms with their definitions.

Cross rate

is the currency exchange rate between two currencies, both of which are not the official currencies of the country in which the exchange rate quote is given in.

Currency intervention

is a significant one-time and direct central bank’s intervention in the currency market and the currency rate implemented by means of buying and selling of large amount of foreign currency. Currency intervention is used to regulate the course of foreign currencies in the interest of the government

Currency pair

two currencies which make up a foreign exchange rate, for example, EUR/USD

Current account balance

is one of the two components of the balance of payments referring to net revenue on exports minus payments for imports, net revenue on investments and net transfer payments.


non-cash currency trading

Dealing center

company that provides access to the money market


is a statistical tool used to convert a national currency into inflation-adjusted national currency.

Demo account (Demonstration account)

is a virtual trading account rendered by a broker to review and test the trading systems features on financial markets without the risk of losing real funds. As a rule, the demo account interface is similar to that of a live account.


“MetaQuotes Software Corp.” is the trading platform developer

Dinghong Fund

is China's first privately offered wine equity fund. The fund was founded by Ling Zhijun, a banking professional and wine enthusiast who manages Pacific Asset Management of Beijing, and French winemaker Jean-Pierre Moueix's China representative Zhang Yanzhi.

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